Voice Assistant

& Marketing tool

Let's try!

What's it?

This application will help you reduce the time to create clips or interesting moments. The main feature is a personal voice assistant that creates clips by keyword that you say.

Why is it so unique?

The first feature is that the application is able to create clips during the stream with a key phrase. So, you reduce the need of channel administrators or moderators.
The second feature is scalability of an application, that is, in the near future you will be able to attract viewers, just by saying the phrase.

Twitch art with 1st label
Mommy's streamer

All the functions of the application that are available for the week

5$ / Week

Take my breakfast money
Big Green Goblin from Wrold of Warcraft Jastor Gallywix
Big Goblin in the Trade Coalition

All the functions of the application that are available for the month.

10$ / Month

Take my pot of gold
Anduin Rin and Silvama
Warchief of the Horde/Aliance

All the functions of the application that are available for the year.

90$ / Year

Take my tribute



Log in and allow the application to use your contact information and create clips01

Choose the duration of the choosen subscription and pay for it02

1st step

Log in again for Twitch to hand over the access keys to the app03

Start streaming in order the app has an opportunity to communicate with the site04

2nd step

Download the app and launch it. After paste the token and UID to app's gaps. P.S. Change your keyboard layout to English beforehand to be able to insert data05

As soon as the application starts working, you will see the microphone icon on the taskbar, which will appear alternately, also the application will freeze - this means your voice recognition has begun 06

3rd step

After a bright moment on the stream, say the key phrase "General" and the application will make a clip on your behalf on your channel07

4th step



How to install?

It is enough to purchase a subscription to the application, and then launch it.

How to use it?

Launch the application and then enter your information that will be shown after payment.

What should I say to make a clip?

The keyword is "General". Just say it after the greates moment of your stream and there it is.

Is it possible to change the name of the clip?

Yes, you can do it manually using the functionality of the Twitch platform. If users would like to have this funtion inside our application we will add it.

How to pay?

All transactions are under control of WebMoney and DonationAlerts. If you choose to pay with DonationAlerts service you should enter your twitch login in the nickname field and the name of subscription in the description. Remeber that if you use DonationAlerts, subscription changes can be delayed for 2 day, because it makes manually.